YAOWARAT ROAD, CHINATOWN (and the unquenchable thirst for Thai food)

(Mixed Seafood Lemon Grass Soup With Milk)

(Mixed Seafood Lemon Grass Soup With Milk)

Dispute me if you can, but I believe a queue of customers waiting to be served is the best testimony and the most perfect yardstick to measure the quality of food of a local eatery. This universal theory applies at least in most, if not all, Asian countries. Bearing this in mind, our task of searching for the best food amidst the numerous street vendors and neon-lit restaurants in the Yaowarat Street, Bangkok (Chinatown) was made much easier and target-focused.

T & K Seafood fit the criteria of a long (or extremely long) queue, and sure enough, the food was amazing. The mixed seafood lemon grass soup with milk (Tom Yum Soup) was absolutely delicious with thick lingering aroma of coconut fragrance, and is by far, the best Tom Yum I have ever eaten. The morning glory (or what we call “Kangkung” in Malaysia) with garlic and chilies had a mixture of Chinese stir-fried flavour and a delicious tint of Thai’s unique spiciness in it. All in all, an absolutely satisfying culinary experience of reasonable price, and definitely worth every second of your queue waiting time (if that were your biggest fear).

(T & K Seafood)




And what about a bowl of bird’s nest soup at the portable cart next to the T & K Seafood, or a selection of ice creams with authentic Thai flavours (think of original coconut flavour and Thai tea flavour) as desserts just across the consistently congested main road?

(Bird's Nest Soup Stall)

(Bird’s Nest Soup Stall)



3 thoughts on “YAOWARAT ROAD, CHINATOWN (and the unquenchable thirst for Thai food)

  1. Mmmm, the food here looks amazing. I would be all over those prawns, they look huge! And fried rice is one of my favorite foods in the world, my mouth is just watering.

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