PINNACLES DESERT (sea of unearthly yellow)


Fear crept into me at one point. Imagine standing in the midst of the seemingly limitless yellow landscape, with thousands of pinnacles, limestone pillars of all shapes and sizes, bizarrely sticking out from the ground singularly. Feeling of insignificance weighed upon me. I started to wonder how long it would take to find my way out of these vast shifting sands of emptiness. The scene was unearthly, yet at the same time, awesome.

Scorching heat enveloping me from all directions, and what a mistake I made to expose my scalp to the burning sun without a proper head covering for more than an hour. And sure enough, I suffered from the dreadful consequences for at least the next 1 week. But was this out-of-the-world view worth the sun burnt and peeling skin? Absolutely.

P1040191 P1040192


Useful Information


Part of Nambung National Park, approximately 250 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia (around 3 hours drive).


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