BUSSELTON (a beyond expectation detour experience)


This was supposed to be our convenient detour on the way to the famous Margaret River;  a brief stopover to enjoy our long-awaited home-packed sandwiches and a cup or two of hot steaming espresso.

Neither of us expected a view so captivating and colourful. Myriad of activities occupied every corner of the sandy shore and on the famous Busselton Jetty; from fishing with rock music blasting at the background at the middle of the 1.8km long-stretching wooden jetty, to excited youngsters taking up the challenge of diving head straight from the railing into the pleasing waves.  The sea was so blue, for a moment, I wondered whether I had accidentally trespassed into an uplifting painting of a happy summer scene. And will I be blamed for sounding overly-dramatic if I say this is by far the most enchanting beach that I have ever been to?


Useful Information

Around 240 km away from Perth/ 2 hours drive to the South of Perth.



One thought on “BUSSELTON (a beyond expectation detour experience)

  1. I just love that long pier. While we have piers here in So California, they always have bunches of stores on each side and it just makes the whole place so commercial.

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