YANCHEP NATIONAL PARK (kangaroos and a napping koala)

P1040225I tiptoed sheepishly towards this lovely creature. Taking one small step at a time, getting nearer, half kneeling and putting on my nervous smile for the camera. Yet the attempt for a close-up classic Australian photo of myself and a kangaroo grazing the green wet grass failed miserably. The beautiful kangaroo, sensing an unwelcomed aura, stared right at me, innocently yet at the same time, mildly annoyed of having his meal interrupted. Then it hopped away with its powerful hind legs, so gracefully. Within seconds, the kangaroo was out of my sight.

Despite this minor failure, I am ever so grateful for the numerous photos of such amazingly crafted creatures. And what’s more, a photo of a napping koala with its face hidden. That’s a bonus!

P1040237 P1040249 P1040267 P1040273

Useful Information

Yanchep National Park- 42 km / 45 minutes north of Perth by driving.


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