WEST END DELI (the mysterious piece of art)

I came here in search of some exquisite food of fine dining quality on a sweet, romantic evening. But little did I know this place gave more than just lovely food.

The warmly lit ceiling transforms the rustic deli café by day into an enigmatic bistro by night. The wall clock placed in such surreal setting reminds me of that famous painting of the melting pocket watches by Salvador Dali. The huge vintage mirrors on the rough wall surface created such a mismatching yet soothingly familiar image. I was completely immersed in this bizarre art piece of delicate teapots in black and white contrast, hanging chairs in unconventional style, and tall wine glasses in their gleaming mysteriousness.

Awesome ambience.

P1040276 P1040297 P1040291 P1040288


Where:             95 Carr Street West Perth, Australia

Website:           http://www.westenddeli.net.au


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