SHANGHAI MANSION BANGKOK (in search for romance)

I always received some raised eyebrows and skeptical looks whenever I tried to recommend to anyone this old Shanghai style hotel. Imagine oriental silk pillows, sofas in traditional Chinese floral prints, hanging birdcages ablaze in vibrant colours, and nostalgic wooden doors with antique doorknobs.

Sounds chic and unique? Definitely! But you can’t blame the frowns and questionable tones when such an exquisite boutique hotel is not found in the Mainland China, but in the City of Bangkok- a Southeast Asia tourist hub well known for its dazzling golden Buddhist temples. The fusion of an old shanghai backdrop with tints of modern splendour just somehow does not fit the image of Thailand.

And if that is what you think, then you have surely missed out the best.

Some great things about this hotel:

(1) A tray of nice hot Chinese tea in porcelain teacups and the very refreshing wet towels handed to us once we stepped foot into the lobby- A small gesture that exuded such warmth and meant so much to the exhausted travellers.


(2) The very classy portrait of the Asian girl in striking red Chinese costume at the entrance. There is just something about that innocent, captivating gaze.


(3) The very surreal red bridge at the entrance- connecting the jubilant Chinatown with the tranquil world of an old Shanghai Mansion.


(4) The birdcages- Definitely a highlight of the dashing decorations.


(5) The location. 2 minutes walk from T & K Seafood (for some real awesome Tom Yum!). Need I say more?

(6) Auspicious names were given to each room. We had the Room of Prosperity (財富, Cai Fu). The Room of Happiness (高興, Gao Xing) was just right next door.


(7) Bathtub in the middle of the room.


(8) The complimentary daily-replenished snacks at the room’s minibar.

(9) The fishpond, lounge chairs and delicate lanterns. Who would have imagined the chaotic Chinatown scenes of bustling tuk-tuks and unceasing haggling are just few steps out of the doorway.


(10) The library, the breakfast, the jazz performance, the aromatic toiletries with coconut fragrance, and the romantic atmosphere.


Where: Yaowarat Road, Bangkok




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